Air ducting

AAD’s Ducting is locally manufactured to order in our factory in Parow, Western Cape, South Africa. We generally provide pricing from drawings supplied by the customer. Please ensure that any query regarding a quote is accompanied by some sort of drawing of the ductwork required.

We also use the latest CAM software that enables us to nest a project from a CAD file to our manufacturing floor. Our CNC machines as well as our software is easy enough to learn so we can get a sheet metal workers up and running using the program in 3 days of training.

All though our floor is very much automated we strive on providing work on our assembling, packaging and quality control side.

We also strive to reduce the import aspect of our business to rather manufacture locally in order to create work for our local people. Here are some of our products that is locally manufactured to reduce imports:

Our ducting division offers a wide range from galvanized, mild steel to stainless steel products to suit your project’s needs  in a timelessly manner.

Why choose AAD to manufacture your ducting? All though any other sheet metal workshop wants to reduce the cost of labour by using state of the art machines as we do, we create work on other aspects to ensure better quality products for our client by keeping the individual employed.