Acoustic Silencers

Acoustic silencers reduce the noise transmitted through air ducts and through openings for the ventilation of enclosures
and industrial buildings (facades of industrial buildings, facades of facilities enclosures).

The principle of attenuation is the sound absorption by means of an absorptive material (rockwool, fiber-glass).

Attenuators also known as “silencers” The term is erroneous however as they do not silence a running ventilation system, but are very effective in attenuating the noise level. Silencers are composed of a set of parallel baffles made of fireproof sound absorbing material.

Acoustic Silencer Round
Acoustic Silencer Splitter

Our silencers are manufactured to the client specification and comes in different shapes and sizes:

  • Rectangular also known as Splitters.
  • Round or circular these can be provided with or without a pod.
  • Inline duct attenuators.
  • S-Bend attenuators.

The main applications of these kind of silencers are:

  • Systems of forced ventilation of air: fans and extractors.
  • HVAC systems: air conditioners, cooling towers, heat pumps, boilers.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning of enclosures

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